Sunday, January 20, 2008

Am I Blog Enough?

I just learned another great thing about the blogosphere ... people look out for one another.

A couple of days ago I got an e-mail from my blogobuddie Dan Kelley, who wrote, "Haven’t seen a new post on the blog. I’m hoping that you’re really busy - and that’s a good thing. Us bloggers need to take care of each other."

Well, Dan, yes, I've been really busy - and it is a good thing. My idea of starting a talent development service has met with thunderous response. I've done two newsletters, a teleseminar and lots of aircheck sessions ... but more important, I've made a bunch of new friends who are dedicated to radio in a way that people not in the business (like our families) - and, alas, many who are in the business - cannot fathom.

I also do a weekly newsletter, so I'm pumping out about 5,000 words a week in my day job. But that's no excuse. I have no plans to abandon this blog. At the same time, I have no plans to let this blog devolve into passages like "You won't believe what my dog said today" and polemics about the Administration, global warming and the RIAA.

Thanks, Dan, for taking care of me. I'll return the favor, or pass it on, one day soon.