Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saving the Web, One Site at a Time

Marketing Expert, Too

I've been doing websites for my own businesses and clients for years, mostly as a diversion. But lately more such projects have been coming my way, and I've discovered my Inner Geek. I enjoy it immensely, and I'm getting good response from my clients: they're saying I give them exactly what they want, on time, for a good price.

So, I'm getting serious about website development, and I want to tell the world (or most of it):

  • If you know anyone who is looking for help with a new or existing site, please let them know about me.
  • If you are considering your own site, whether personal or business, please think of me.
  • If the topic comes up in conversation, please put in a good word.
  • If you hear the word "website" uttered, even several miles away - or even think you do - rush over and tell them about me.
  • Forward this post to everyone in your address book and have them do the same. (I calculate that if we all do this, everyone in the world, except maybe in China, will see it in about eight days.)

No Outsourcing! You (and everyone else in the world, except maybe in China) can see my approach, work and references at; I would love your feedback. (When you tell others about the site, just say "put hyphens between all the words." Without the hyphens, you're buying eyeglasses.)

I'm doing all sorts of projects, but being a lifelong radio guy, radio station sites are the most fun. (It turns out that a consultant who also does websites can be downright dangerous.)

For the time being - at least until the world (except maybe China) beats a path to my door and I become a total prima donna - I can be quite flexible and reasonable ... and nobody leaves unhappy.

Thanks so much for helping me launch this thing. And become a total prima donna. Except maybe in China.